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By the painter and sculptor Andrée Marcoux


Painting, sculpture in bronze, cement and steel, ink, scratchboard…, several mediums interest me, always looking for a new challenge. Based in Estrie, Quebec, professional artist for several years already. A graduate of Laval University in Quebec in visual arts, I always try to develop my work, my passion.

My inspiration, animals in general, horses in particular: “Animals and their well-being are very important to me. I want to educate the public by a pose, a look, to make them love to better respect them. It's my way of paying homage to these sentient, indispensable beings who have so much to teach us. "

Andrée Marcoux artiste peintre et sculpteure Québec Canada
Andrée Marcoux artiste peintre
Andrée Marcoux artiste peintre et sculpteure Québec Canada

I first made landscapes and then devoted myself to animal painting, which has become my specialty over time. I am not looking for the perfection of the subject by the detail, but more the emotion. As much my painting can be realistic and worked for weeks, I like to let myself go in the movement on large formats. Classic and whimsical painting, it's a balance that suits me.

Horses are my first source of inspiration

Seeing a horse running has always filled me with emotion. All that force and grace at once charms me. Its nobility competes with the greatest of kings, its grace and lightness, with that of birds, the gentleness of its expression, is incomparable...  We owe it respect and recognition, without it, the history of humanity would not be what it is. It acted with heart throughout the centuries at the mercy of man's demands, often at worst, despite itself...

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