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Art animalier 

Reproduction of works of art Black & white

By the painter Andrée Marcoux

Indian ink reproduction

The Giclee Print on Canvas is a very high quality digital reproduction of an original painting. High definition inkjet printing.

The inks used are resistant to ultraviolet radiation. Limited prints, numbered by the artist. The giclee is mounted on a 1.5 inch thick frame, hand painted on the sides, so does not require framing.

A protective varnish is applied as on an original work. A certificate of authenticity is issued to the buyer for each reproduction. Available in sizes smaller or larger than the original artwork.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Scratchboard reproduction

The scartchboard is a form of direct engraving on a specially prepared board. The whole thing consists of three layers of material. The base is a panel on which layers of white clay are applied. The clay is then sanded and a layer of black ink is applied on top.

The image is etched one "scratch" at a time using an extremely fine tool such as an exacto blade. The black is removed to reveal the white clay below. The scratchboard is considered by many artists to be one of the most difficult mediums to master.

It takes a very steady hand to maintain the correct pressure needed to engrave each fine line to a particular depth. Mistakes are not easily corrected, they cannot be erased or painted over! We must take away rather than add. Artists must work in the opposite direction to classical artistic training. The tones are demonstrated by the depth of the engraving as well as the extent of the surface removed.

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