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  • The little swamp story
  • Bronze on a brass base
  • H 67 x L 47 x P 47 inches
  • H 171 x L 121,9 x 121,9 cm

The little swamp story

  • * Title: The little swamp story

    * Once upon a time .... one of our greatest waders, of incomparable elegance, patience and calm, the great blue heron .... Accompanied by a turtle and a frog. This piece symbolizes for me harmony, peace between differences. Being small, big, strong or weak, everyone has their place in the swamp or on the earth.

    * Great blue heron on bronze stone surrounded by a pond, turtle, frogs, water lilies and flowers. Sculpture for the garden or for the home.

    * Limited edition .

    * Certificate of authenticity and ownership is attached to the shipment.

    * Delivery not included.

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